NEO 5-23-2014

Ignitex vs 'Stoneshield' Michael Van Wolfswinkel - This match resulted as a no contest as neither man showed up for the match.

Moonlight Predator hosts the "Terry Chambers Farewell Party" -  Moonlight Predator comes down to the ring and goes on to talk about how since he has returned to EAW and how he has gone undefeated the whole time. He then goes on to say that tonight he is having an early farewell to Terry Chambers, claiming that his will be his final normal NEO as the Young Lions Cup holder as at Hellbound, he will lose the YLC. Terry Chambers comes out in a fit of rage, claiming that MP is foolish and that going undefeated thus far meanings nothing until you beat Terry himself. MP then the fans to join in as they begin to chant "na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye." Further angering Terry, MP challenges Terry to enter the ring, but Terry backs away. MP then turns around in the ring and Terry ambushes him from behind. Terry would then lift MP up for the T5 but MP would reverse and hit the Predators Instinct as he would then hold up the Young Lions Cup above Terry.

Victor Vendetta vs Terry Chambers - After being attacked by MP, Terry became outraged and quickly assaulted Victor, but Vic would counter a T5 attempt by Terry and get the roll up for the win. (Winner Victor Vendetta.)

Lord Dog vs Tyson Michaels - This match resulted in a no contest as both men would break out into a brawl and the referee would throw the match out.

By Order of Jake Mercer because of being constantly bothered, Nas will be double booked: The Nas w/ Aren Mstislav vs Cruz - Cruz would come out and demand a match against the real DEDEDE at Dia Del Diablo, but Nas would interrupt and quickly gain the win following a spinebuster and the spectacular elbow. (Winner Nas.)

 Victor Vendetta "Re-masks" Tyson Michaels - Vic would come down to the ring and pull a mask resembling one that Tyson Michaels wore in his first EAW run, out of a bag. He stated that at Hellbound, the shame that Tyson would suffer would force him to being remasked, but also said he would be obliged to remask him tonight if Tyson would feel content with coming down to the ring. Tyson would then come out and both men would break into a brawl, Tyson gained the upper hand at first, but Victor would eventually grab a chair and nail Tyson over the head with it. Tyson would then retreat as Victor would hold the mask up in the ring. Tyson would then grab a microphone and he demanded a match against Victor at Hellbound, and Victor would then accept.

 World's Finest (Cole and Juha) w/ Jason Skilled vs Explicit Content - If World's Finest win, they will receive their promised Young Lions Tag Team Cup shot the NEO after Hellbound. If they lose, they will be forced to wait even longer. - At first at neither team would come out, but then the camera would go backstage and display a wrecked locker room and a beaten Billy Kaizer and Eddie Ramone, on the door hung a sign that said "Give us what we want. - World's Finest." World's Finest would then come to the ring and claimed that despite DEDEDE and Ryan not being at NEO tonight, that Hellbound would be the perfect place for World's Finest to truly take over NEO.

The Nas w/ Aren Mstislav vs Monstro - This was a big match as multiple big moves were hit, the whole match was back and forth. Nearing the end, Nas would go for a Nas Bottom but Monstro would reverse it into a roll up to gain the victory. Following the match, Monstro grabbed a mic and talked to both Nas and Aren from the stage. He said that since Explicit Content is temporarily out of action, and that all three men are worthy of being at Hellbound, he challenged them to a 2 on 1 handicap match at Hellbound. Nas and Aren would accept despite them both saying that it didn't need to be a handicap, but Monstro continued to insist that it did. Nas and Aren were puzzled as to why and Monstro would go on to say that he wants to beat them for the Young Lions Tag Team Cups alone, and hold both cups without any assistance. Nas and Aren would accept, the camera would then fade to black.