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( EAW intro plays ) 

Narrator: 5 hard years.. many people have come and many people have gone... this select group of extremists have worked hard their whole careers and continued to live on the EAW dream... it took hard work and dedication for years just for the opportunity to live this moment and now these men and women get what they deserve.. the day they are able to be included in the immortal.. welcome to the EAW Hall... of... Fame. 

(Camera pans to 5,000 people in the audience including fans, former extremists, current extremists, and E-Fed legends in attendance clapping)


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome your host for tonight... E-Fed legend and EAW Hall of Famer....THE HEAAAARRTTTTTTTTTT BREEAAKKKKK BOOYYYYYYYY!!!!


( The Heart Break Boy steps out onto the stage in his underwear )


HBB: Is it chilly in here?...


HBB: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 2012 and fourth Hall of Fame and tonight isn?t about titles, egos, rivalries, differences and since Jon Kelton isn?t in the crowd tonight, it?s not about jobbers either! ?Tonight is about celebrating the people who have contributed to EAW in more ways than one and have helped EAW remain the greatest efed that has ever existed. Tonight we immortalize those men and women and they will join the elite group, the elite circle of extremists and vixens whose names will live on forever in EAW folklore.


HBB: The first person to be inducted this year on the eve of EAW?s historic fifth year anniversary is certainly somebody who has contributed a lot to EAW in the past two years, so much so that she likes to call herself a ?goddess? , Cameron Ella Ava!


( Highlights of Cameron Ella Ava?s EAW career plays on the screen, highlighting her various feuds with Heart Break Gal, Kendra Shamez, her relationships with Dark Demon and Hurricane Hawk and her seven month long Vixens Championship reign )


( Dark Demon appears on the screen )


Demon: Cameron is without a shadow of a doubt a legend and she definitely deserves to be here in the Hall of Fame. She?s been my best friend for two and a half years and we?ve come up in a lot of different places together and she has the best attitude I?ve ever seen from anybody, she?s the most consistent and hard-working person I?ve ever met. If you looked up ?perfect? in the dictionary, you would see a picture of her in it. She?s been vital to the vixens division and without her, it wouldn?t be alive today.


 ( Hurricane Hawk appears on the screen )


Hurricane Hawk: The first time I heard Cameron Ella Ava?s name and saw her in that ring I knew she was different from those other Vixens. I could see the talent beaming right out of here and being that I was with her in my career for a couple of months I can say that I?ve gotten to learn about her. She was a very hard worker and I actually brought her along so I could learn that attitude and other things. She picked up from me as well but all in all.. Cameron Ella Ava deserves to be where she is today. I have never seen a Vixen as consistent as Cameron in my career. This is a huge honor for her though. She?s a one time EAW Vixen Champion but it?s her mindset, will to win, and her talent that has gotten her here. Alongside her I could say she was not only a great extremist, but a great friend as well. I mean we?ve had our moments but I can truly say that Cameron is one of the most well spoken as well. She?s been there for me in times of need and I hope that in the near future she can get right back on her road to success and become the greatest Vixen that EAW has ever come to know. 

( Camera pans back to the Heart Break Boy ) 

HBB: Definitely a fantastic vixen in her own right, Cameron deserves to be the first person inducted here tonight and of course, the person that will be inducting her is the vixen who was inducted last year ?.THE HEARRRTTT BREAAKKK GAL!!!


(Heart Break Gal walks to the podium looking lovely as ever wearing a pink night gown. She smiles as she waves to the audience. Cameras were flashing from a distance like always, paparazzi were taking her pictures. )


HBG: Missed me? Yeah, I'm sure you did. (laughs) 


HBG: This has been the third time that I stood up on the stage of one of the most glorious, most honourable and most amazing events in the Extreme Answers Wrestling, the EAW Hall of Fame. I still know the feeling of getting this recognition from almost two years ago. It was better than any Championships, or Awards that I can ever receive. And at that moment, I felt happier than a girl who just got a marriage proposal! (laughs) You know, as much as you have seen myself and Cameron Ella Ava throw punches and kicks at one other for the sole purpose of proving a point... which obviously most of you have enjoyed too much, I am here to stand proud and tell everyone watching right now that I have mad respect for that girl. Why? Because of two reasons: First reason is, she has definitely proven herself to be a real vixen. A "Real Vixen"... two words I rarely use to describe a woman who wrestles here in the EAW. It takes strength, beauty, extraordinary talent, and of course, a stamp of approval from a certain legend to get such recognition, and I tell ya, seeing how far she has gotten in this business, she definitely has them all. And the second reason is... Damn! The girl doesn't know when to quit! She has been through physical and emotional pain in her years of being here, but in the end, all you can see in her eyes are confidence, determination and the will to compete even more. That's why I am honoured to be here to induct one of the most hardworking vixens in EAW. We have made the biggest title matches, and the most intense fights and rivalries. I have seen her improve by a mile since joining. It right now lightens me up to have her receive this award, because I know from seeing her fight her way through every challenge... is one fact that all of us already know: she earned it. 


Congratulations Cameron!


( Cameron Ella Ava walks out as both HBG and Cameron hug on the stage before Cameron takes to the podium )


Cameron: Wow? I don?t even know where to start. Um? thank you to the Heart Break Gal for taking time off her busy schedule to give that lovely and awesome introduction, even after the times, where I kicked her ass *chuckles* I thank you for bringing the best out of me. And thank you, everyone; I am so honoured that I?m being inducted. I?d never think that I would be in this so soon into my career here in EAW. I thought that I was going to be the one supporting the inductees, not the one being inducted. And when I heard the news that I was being inducted into the Hall of Fame, I thought it was some sort of joke. I thought I was mishearing things, and when I actually had this confirmed to me, I was in a complete state of shock because who?d ever knew that I would have my name along with the greats, who?d ever knew that my name will be with the people that have revolutionized EAW? I certainly didn?t think I have done enough for EAW. I didn?t think I was in the point of my career, where I was to be considered to be an inductee in the Hall of Fame. And the fact that I am standing right here giving my speech is out of this world and something I would have never expected when I stepped foot into this company for the first time. All I wanted to do was entertain the fans, give them a show that they will never forget and do what I love to do and that?s wrestle. And I am so fortunate that I get to wrestle in this perfect company and I am proud that I get to call myself not just a female wrestler, but an EAW Vixen.


I was a girl with a dream. I was a girl that strived, struggled, and clawed to make her dream come true. I did what would have taken years of dedication in such a short period of time here. What I thought would taken several years to accomplish took me about two years. And let me tell you, it took so much dedication. I sacrificed everything to make sure I gave 100% to EAW. No matter what the obstacle I had to face, I never gave up one bit. I knew way deep down that I was going to come out a winner. I?ve faced many legendary Vixens during my two years here, including two women that are in the Hall of Fame already. And yes, I am looking at Kendra Shamez and the Heart Break Gal? these two girls, really made me up my game by a lot. These girls have kicked my ass; these girls have tried to get me to shut up and do you know how I responded? Do you know how I made Kendra shut up? I took the Vixen?s Championship away from her! And how did the Heart Break Gal finally shut up? *thinks* Hmm... I don?t know, go ask Cleopatra. But, on a serious note, if it weren?t for these two women, I?d hate to say it; I would be nothing at all. I probably wouldn?t have the passion and heart that I do today. And it is so strange I am in the Hall of Fame with people I?ve watched on  television, with people I have looked up to and it gets me a warm feeling inside that there may be a young Vixen that could look up to me and that?s all I could ever ask for.

During my time here in EAW, I?ve learned from so many people and I have gotten the best advice any woman can ask for. It is so nice to know that you?re actually loved and that you?re being supported with anything at all. It is because of all the love, advice, and support that I continue to improve myself each and every day. What keeps me motivated are the ones that I care about and my fans of course. They all make me impel not to be a better wrestler, but a better person as well. I have so many people that I would love to thank right now, but I?m afraid if I call out names that I will forget about someone very important. And I can?t give a ?fuck you? speech because I don?t want to ruin the atmosphere in this place. And besides, the idea was stolen from me a while back, *glares at the audience, then at the back, before looking back at the audience* you know who you are? but really, I just want to thank all the Extremists and Vixens for coming out tonight to show the love and support. I want to thank everyone who played their part to make sure I stand here tonight. I want to thank my loved one, my friends, my family, my colleagues, God, my haters, my lovers. Most of all? I want to thank each and everyone one of you? *points at the fans*because if it weren?t for you guys, we?d all be selling fast food or our bodies for profit. *laughs* But really, you all should know something about me; I am not perfect...But, I know will never...ever... ever... ever find someone like ME! There will never be one that you can call the ?Goddess sent by Gods? or ?EAW?s Top Vixen?. There will never be another Cameron Ella Ava and for that, I thank you all for dealing with me and love you guys! *blows a kiss*


( Cameron leaves as her music plays )


HBB: And coming up next is a man who has been here for years, he?s the final member of a legendary stable that is just second to Project E.G.O in being the G.O.A.T to be inducted into the hall of fame , a man who has been constantly able to redefine himself, Hurricane Hawk!


( Highlights of Hurricane Hawks career plays, showing his days in Generation Genesis, his feud with Banks and both of his world title reigns )


( Diamond Cage appears on the screen )

Cage: Hurricane Hawk, never had the chance to face him but I have talked to him, an inspirational guy. A guy you can talk to, and Hurricane Hawk to me represents determination, giving it your all every night, whether you don't like this guy or you are a fan of this man this Hall of Fame spot is well deserved for the former two time World Heavyweight Champion and now Hall of Famer.

( Zack Crash appears on the screen )

Zack Crash: I think Hurricane Hawk raised the bar for all extremists and in what it takes to be successful here.


( Liam Catterson appears on the screen )


Liam Catterson: Hurricane Hawk is someone who has to be in the Hall of Fame. He has done a lot of things in EAW; I mean he?s won both Twenty Four/Seven and Cash in the Vault contracts, A few World Championships, National Extreme, New Breed Championships, You can put his championship victories to anyone and you can?t argue that over his career, he has worked a hell of a lot in his career to get those achievements to his name. I was lucky to have him as one of my first opponents at Pain for Pride and then a couple of weeks ago, I had that special match where I lost to him, but I am happy to say that he and I got to encounter and I know that we?re going to collide once more in the future.


( Camera pans back to HBB on the stage )


HBB: Hawk certainly has had quite the career and the man to induct him, his good friend ?SCOTT DIAMONDDDDDDDDD!!!!


( Scott Diamond walks out to the stage and takes a stand by the podium )


Scott Diamond: On August 28th, 2009? a young, ambitious man decided to try his luck in the vast world we know as Extreme Answers Wrestling, he didn?t know much? but he started to learn quickly. If I had to come up with the perfect word for this man, the one word that could sum him up, the one word that can define him to a tee, that word would have to be? annoying. He?s annoying, he bugs us to no end, if there was ever a list of the most bothersome extremists in EAW history, he would certainly be at the top. But beyond all that, what Hurricane Hawk is, is a great friend, and phenomenal extremist. He is one of the very few people here that I can genuinely trust to tell anything to. He?ll always be there to lend an ear, to offer his opinion and help you to become a better extremist, when he?s not listening to Justin Bieber that is. He?s quit, been hired and re-hired more times than I can count, but his list of accomplishments dwarfs most that have run through this company and he has been a staple in EAW's success over the past three or so years. Really just listen to what he's done in his time here. He?s held five separate championships here in EAW. He?s been a two time Ultimate X Champion, a National Extreme Champion, a Hardcore Champion, an Alternative X Champion, a National Extreme Champion? and he won the 2010 Cash in the Vault match at Pain For Pride III, he would later go onto cash that opportunity in at King of Extreme III to win his first World Heavyweight Championship. After being fired in April, Hawk came back in the late summer of 2011 with one mission in mind, he wanted to take back what he felt was always his to begin with, and at Territorial Invasion he did just that when he defeated Ashten Cross to win his second World Heavyweight Championship, but more importantly, Cross continued his winless streak at FPV?s? Even with all of those accomplishments, I never felt that Hawk got the respect that he truly deserved, sure he was looked at as a great extremist but not many looked at him as a Hall of Famer, but I always saw him as one? Hurricane Hawk deserves to be in this hallowed Hall for more than just his Accomplishments though, he?s a great person in general and is a big reason why I became who I am today, he?s helped me out more than anyone has in this company, and industry for that matter? And now, all of his hard work, all of his dedication will finally be enshrined tonight, he?s a two time World Champion and has a very good chance to win his third tomorrow night. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce you all to Hurricane Hawk! 


( Hurricane Hawk walks out to the stage and takes a brief moment to look at the crowd )


Hurricane Hawk: First off, before I get started I just like to say thanks to Scott Diamond and everyone else who made a comment about me.. I truly appreciate you all. Now let?s get down to 2009.. Does anyone know what happened that year? In 2009, I stepped into the ring for the first time in EAW at Pain for Pride II.  It?s when I first established my name in this business and I may not have won.. but I made sure that I had my presence known. I mean it?s been a long time since being in that ACW invasion and becoming Dynasty?s _#1 Prospect as Killswitch would say. I remember shouting out after everything ?stand back there?s a hurricane coming through.? I won my first title within weeks of coming into the business and I made history by retiring the EAW Hardcore Championship which was the normal gateway championship for any extremist. I did these things because I know that it would get me remembered. I feel like all of this was just yesterday. Everything happened so fast in my career and my decisions weren?t always the best. It was a great year to start out in. I came in with a generation of extremist who had all the talent in the world but now it?s only two of us left who still represent our generation. I felt like it was times this year that I wouldn?t make it in this business and I had my head down until Banks took me aside one day. He noticed I stopped promoing.. he noticed I stopped talking and he told me to get my act together. Use everything negative as motivation and go hard and ever since that day those things change. I was on a long break after King of Extreme that year and I felt like things would be better if I returned.

Hurricane Hawk: When I came back it was about that time for me to join Generation Genesis and at that point no one knew about the plans. I was the ?future? of EAW at that moment. I was respected and that?s when I started having my big break. It?s when I grasped my first EAW National Extreme Championship and it?s when I went to Pain for Pride III in 2010 with all faith in me.. and won the Cash in the Vault briefcase. I knew when I first stepped into this business that I wanted to make history. I wanted to BE somebody. I took the roads that lead me to be who I am today. I made myself a two time EAW World Heavyweight Champion. I?ve been through a lot in EAW.. whether it mean being fired or just giving up. I felt like my downfalls were holding me back. Now everybody says that my consistency is my failure, but I feel like it?s a gift and a curse. Because every time I came back to EAW I did something big.. My first return after being fired .. I came back and put Showdown on my back and won the EAW World Heavyweight... Sledgehammer in my undies was born that day. A lot of people ask me what I was thinking.. I just say I was being different.

Hurricane Hawk: I can?t forget about GTL either. Best days of my life when I got to do what I do best with my buddies Tyler Parker, Brian and Cyclone. Those guys might not all be in this business anymore but I can definitely say that they will be remembered by me always. They might not be there for me physically but in my heart I know they want to support me. Now it?s a few people I want to thank.. first of all.. I?d like to thank CM Bank$. I mean this guy was all over me making sure that I got everything done. HE wanted me to succeed and he pushed me in the right direction to do so. I know for a fact that right now he?d be proud of me. He served as that sort of father figure.. someone I could just look up to and come to for advice or ways to make myself a better extremist. I don?t think it could have been anybody better to support me. I?d like to thank Mr.DEDEDE also because he took me under his wing early in my career. He showed me the ropes, and what I needed to do. He is very respected in my heart and has taught me most of what I know. Now this one might be a weird one.. but I?d like to thank Captain Charisma for being there as well. I?d like to thank RRS.. for being tough on me and taking that go lucky happy Hurricane Hawk away.

Hurricane Hawk: I?d like to thank all of my Generation Genesis co-members like Y2Impact and Jaywalker because they were there for me as well. Especially Jaywalker teaching me how to Jaywalk on the night he left EAW on a hovercraft. I?d like to thank the past Hall of Famers.. for just paving the way for extremist like me to have their dreams come true. I?d like to thank Scott Diamond and Dark Demon because they are both guys who have actually been there for me in recent years. We?ve been through a lot whether it be backstage.. in the ring.. away from the arena. We grew up in this business together and now look at where we are Demon.. being immortalized on a stage like this. Finally... I?d like to thank all of you... EAW as a whole. THE HAWK NATION.. who has always been there for me through thick and thin. When I was down in the dumps you brought me out the slums. IF it weren?t for most of you people I wouldn?t be right here right now.. I dedicate everything I did to all of you. The career that I have had.. this has been a ride that I will never forget. This achievement is better than any championship.. it allows everyone to respect the body of work as whole that an extremist has done.. and just to even have this honor to be among the names of Mr.DEDEDE, MaK, RRS, and CM Banks just makes me smile.

Hurricane Hawk: My words of wisdom.. as my favorite singer and role model Justin Bieber would say is never say never. Don?t ever give up on yourself.. don?t ever give up on EAW because one day you?ll realize that it?s your turn to step up.. it?s your turn to be in the spotlight.. it?s your turn to be in the Hall of Fame. Enjoy your careers while you can and don?t rush it. Man I enjoyed all the moments.. and all the times we shared from Mr.DEDEDE?s talk about me being too innocent to Cameron Ella Ava thinking me and Dark Demon were doing things inappropriate. I remember being the underdog.. now I?m Villematic. It?s all been a blast.. Everyone deserves an applause.. every extremist, fan, staff worker.. it?s been a helluva time together and I know for a fact that I have more in store.. but nothing will ever surpass this. Banks your Simba?s all grown up now. Without further ado.. I?d like to accept this induction into the Hall of Fame and thank you all for having me tonight for what is the most special moment of my EAW career. This was your ..Gym Tan Laundry Member... Chain Gang Battalion... Hero... Dreamchaser... Hawk Nation Leader... Hurricane Hawk. I love you all!

Welcome to the Hawk of Fame folks.. :)


( Hurricane Hawk bows in front of the crowd and leaves as his music hits )


HBB: fantastic speech, we always need somebody to go RRS in one of their speeches?anyway, coming up next is a man who I deeply respect, he?s been a huge contributor to EAW for the past year and is a Project E.G.O member and current World Heavyweight Champion, Dark Demon!


( Highlights of Dark Demons career plays on the screen, showcasing his tag team with Mr.Blood, him winning King of Extreme, joining Project E.G.O and his seven month world heavyweight title reign )


( Liam Catterson appears on the screen )


Liam Catterson: Dark Demon is someone who represents this company. You cannot misjudge his work for this company; he does everything that a true Extremist has done. He is someone what keeps EAW alive today and is someone who is the definition of an icon. Maybe even more than an icon because Demon, love him or hate him, shows to the whole world he is one of the hardest working people to live in EAW. I remember when I first came to EAW, Demon would help me and what I am saying is if it wasn?t for guys like Demon, I think a lot of people like me wouldn?t raise the bar to the level of where we are at now. Dark Demon is also one of the friendliest people you can get to know. You can?t badmouth what he has done, achievement-wise. He retired the EAW Championship, Triple Crown Champion, King of Extreme, Overall, having Dark Demon in the Hall of Fame is an important moment, to appreciate what work he has put in his career and how great he is in the ring.


( Zack Crash appears on the screen )


Zack Crash: Dark Demon has more heart and love for this place than any extremists I know. He leaves and breathes EAW.


( Diamond Cage appears on the screen )


Cage: What can I say about Dark Demon? Well for one he is tough, he has a killer instinct, He represents what it is to be a World champion and an EAW Extremist, I personally don't have to like the guy but you really can't deny what he has done with holding the World Heavyweight Championship for seven months. He really is a guy even I can look up to and he to me this isn't the end of him and he will go off into the sunset, it's only the beginning as he still will be doing great things in Extreme Answers Wrestling.


( Camera pans back to HBB standing on the stage )


HBB: Yup, Project E.G.O does set the bar high for everybody, its what we do! ?Anyway, the man who will be inducting Demon is a man who I have faced and beaten many times, ?the gawd? ?MR.DEEEEEEEEDEEEEEEEEEEDEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


( Mr.DEDEDE walks out to the podium )


Mr DEDEDE: Well.. I guess things are about to get as hairy as Chewbacca's nuts, because FINALLYYYYYYY.... THE GAWD, HAS COME BACK!!! TO EEEEEEEEEE AAAAAAA WWWWWWW!!!


Mr DEDEDE: And what a stage to return on, what a night to be a part of, it is an HONOR to be here my friends. I wouldn't trade it for anything, not even a bag of fruity, delicious, delicious, fruity Skittles! And lemme explain ya see The Gawd doesnt make a priority out of many things.. but tonight The Gawd infront of the millions...


Mr DEDEDE: AND THE MILLIONS of The Gawd's fans and many of The Gawd's comrades, The Gawd gets the privilege to welcome another... Another Gawd, another Titan, another individual into the ELITE club, ELITE group that many people wish they could be in. And no, The Gawd isn't talking about the number of people I've beaten on Turbo! He's already on that list! No no no! The Gawd is talking about a young man that I respect.. that I admire. The Gawd gets the privilege to induct Dark Demon into the 2012 Hall of Fame. 


Mr DEDEDE: This is BIG. EARTH SHATTERING, Mr DEDEDE has actually put another person in the same category as himself! Y'all know me! That shit ain't ordinary! One does not simply get PUT on The Gawd's level without being Gawdly. But frankly, Dark Demon, you deserve it. I know I along with many other people have watched you reach levels that we didn't expect to see you reach as quickly and as greatly as you did. KING Demon! KING Demon, folks! Demon did what I failed to do at the Rampage, Demon did that at King of Extreme; he whooped Chris Hessian's identity faking, youtube video making, mothers vagina shaving monkey ass ALL OVER London, England! And Bah Gawd was I proud to see it!


Mr DEDEDE: After starting off as 'The Messiah' we didn't expect to see him live out that calling. The Gawd saw it as a cliche, 'Messiah', The Gawd thought "so you grow a Jesus beard and suddenly call yourself the MESSIAH?" "Why don't we just put your ass on a walker and call you METHUSELAH?"


Mr DEDEDE: But alas Dark Demon did just that, he rose through the ranks. He rose through the ranks in 2011 and continued to do so until he finally became THE MAN. He became the World Heavyweight Champion. And as The Gawd did, he is entering the Hall of Fame World Heavyweight Champion. It don't get any better than that, and it doesn't get any better than him.. and that is why Dark Demon of all people deserves this. Demon I give you only the best of my wishes.. may you surpass the unsurpassable, and keep giving every one other than Cameron Ella Ava a reason to NEVER fuck with the "unfuckwithable". Really though Cam if you hear this go easy on him next time, I think you hurt alot more than just his pride ;-).


Mr DEDEDE: Just doing you a favor, Demon.. you don't wanna end up with cobwebs like I did for months after my nasty split with Dirti Diva (no)..


Mr DEDEDE: But all kidding aside Demon you have done so much to make me proud to induct you, you've influenced your colleagues, carried your brand Showdown on your back, carried that World Heavyweight Champion as a fighting champion. I look at you and see so much in me, and I see it refined. You're immortal now, the Hall of Fame proves it and I can praise you for hours on end but then people will eventually get tired of my jokes and pull a Grand Rampage on me, so before you all die I have just one favor from everyone here. Put your hands together and PLEEASE, PLEEEEASE give the warmest of welcomes to the man of the hour, the King, a Gawd, a Caesar ?DARKKK DEEEMOONNNNNN!!! IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL... WHAT THE GAWD!!! IS COOKIN!!


( Dark Demon walks out onto the stage )


Demon: Well thank you for that DDD ?You know when I asked DDD to induct me, I didn?t just ask him because he?s somebody I?ve looked up to and aspired myself to in the last year and a half, I was actually hoping he would talk about himself non-stop so I wouldn?t have to get up here and make a speech ?I suppose I should have asked Impact to do it if I wanted that! I never really believed I would have ever been inducted into the Hall of Fame and especially on the very first one that I?ve ever attended...I always watched these things on TV and seeing people like Impact, HBB, RRS, DDD and thinking deep down that?ll never be me and it probably never helped that I always seemed to make the absolute worst career decisions. I joined the ?decipals? of Death and than a stable with three of the most ridiculed and embarrassing people in EAW history, I ??retired?? when I first got a world heavyweight championship match even though I know Scott Diamond loves me for that ;) . But standing here today, its something that I?ve dreamed of the very moment that I joined EAW and it?s a far better feeling than when I won King of Extreme, the World Heavyweight Championship or being kicked in the balls and being dumped on live television by Cameron Ella Ava, oh that glorious day!


Demon:  I don?t want to bore you all about talking about my career because everything that is worth talking about is rather recent anyway, so I?ll spare the anguish of that but I do want to thank some people because I know I didn?t get here by all by myself and I feel like these people are responsible for me being here, for me being able to be inducted as the World Heavyweight Champion and for me not completely rage quitting ?yet!


Demon: I want to thank Fallen Diablo and Y2J The World is Yours or Vincent Van Vengeance, I know maybe only some know who they are but I don?t really care, these two guys brought me into e-feds in 2009 and they were the two who helped me when I first started, looked after me and were my first friends and I wouldn?t feel right on the night I am supposed to thank people for everything if I didn?t thank them ?.Scott Diamond is another person, when he isn?t pulling a ?Scott? and chasing after cones to fight, he?s been an enormous help to me. Ever since the summer when I had more control and more responsibilities over EAW, Scott was the person who was there willing to help me and do whatever he could in a very sensitive time when things were changing in EAW and he still is today and took a lot of the burden of my shoulders and I want to thank him for that, I don?t know how I would have gotten through those six months without him ?.Cameron Ella Ava, Eddie Mack, Devan Dubian and Hurricane Hawk for their immense friendship over the years, I?ve probably fought with every single one of them at some stage but they are my closest friends, they?ve always been there for me and I?d do absolutely anything for them.


Demon: I?d like to thank the man who inducted me here tonight, Mr.DEDEDE. I know I was already a former tag team champion by the time and had already faced people like HBB and ADV but DEDEDE gave me my first real chance in EAW, he gave me a proper and fair chance where if I fucked up and failed, it was entirely on me and he didn?t want me to kiss his ass like a certain somebody before him which is funny ?because I always thought DEDEDE hated me when I came back. I know he did those ?We went from Robbie V to Dark Demon (ILL)?? rants and criticized everything I did for the longest time in 2011 but I can look back on that and appreciate it because that motivated me and made me determined to do better than what I was doing and I?ve always looked up to him and try to be as good as him and I like to think that helped  to improve myself, so thank you DEDEDE.


Demon: But the person who I?d like to thank the most is CM Bank$. When I first came back to EAW last summer after I unexpectedly quit on him, he still placed a lot of trust and faith in me when a lot of people wouldn?t. He gave me a lot of freedom and encouragement which helped me get better, he encouraged me to enter and try to win the King of Extreme which was a huge breakthrough in my career and he encouraged me to do whatever I needed to do with Voltage ?unless it involved using Lockdown, in which case we would argue for an hour about! Despite the many arguments that we would have in 2012, he still trusted me to look after his creation and he?s the one who decided that I should even be here in the first place and not sitting in the crowd or standing backstage, I owe a whole lot to Banks and merely thanking him here today isn?t really enough but thank you Banks.


It?s an honour to be here today and to finally accomplish everything that I ever wanted to do when I first joined e-feds three years ago, so thank you.


( Demon walks off the stage as the camera pans back to HBB )


HBB: And coming up next is a man who will be leading the Hall of Fame, possibly the most shocking inductee but also the most deserving, I?ve had the privilege of wrestling this man on Voltage this year and let me tell you, this kid is right up there with some of the greats, ladies and gentlemen, Kawajai!


( Highlights play of Kawajai?s career, highlighting his first start on Dynasty, his feud with POWER, his feud with Apollo Calix, his EAW championship reign and shoving Mr.DEDEDE off the titantron )


( Diamond Cage appears on the screen )

Cage: Kawajai man, what else can we say but wow? He had a great year and a lot of match of the year candidates like against Y2Impact, Dark Demon and Mr. DEDEDE with coming out his shell and showing that through the past year since he won the EAW title at King of Extreme that he has carried this company and had the championship belt to prove why he deserves this spot, in my eyes Kawajai is the pulse of this entire Hall of Fame much respect to him.

( Zack Crash appears on the screen )

Crash: I believe Kawa was and still is the quintessential champion ever in EAW.

( Dark Demon appears on the screen )

Demon: Me and Kawajai always had the most weirdest relationship, probably because the very first thing he ever said to me was ??I like to hi-five shits?? and that?s what Kawajai?s personality was like. But he was probably the classiest and most professional guy you would ever find. I?ve known from the start and to see what he would become is amazing because he always would be made fun of and he always lost but that never let him down and I?ve never been more proud of anybody than I am of Kawajai.

( Camera pans to HBB )

HBB: And the man that will be inducting Kawajai into the hall of fame, his best friend and CITV holder ?EDDIIIEEE MACCCKK!!!

( Eddie Mack steps out onto the stage )

Eddie Mack: Good evening everyone, it?s an honour to be here tonight to induct someone so great, so talented, so dedicated. This man is my best friend in the business; of course, I speak of the one and only Kawajai! It?s hard to put into words how great he is because, put simply, he?s achieved so much. At the start of his career many dismissed him, writing him off as someone who would never make it. However, Kawajai, being the resilient, hardworking and confident person he is fought to defy those who doubted him. That?s how this man has come to be one of EAW?s greatest. From the slow start to a career that many still stand in awe of and praise to this day. It all started out when the Interwire Championship in February of 2011 where he reigned until mid-April. Kawa then began teaming with Apollo Calix as a team known as KawApollo and also Channel Zero. This team won the Unified Tag Team Championships from Sex ?N? Violence only to lose it a week later to yours truly and my Sons of Mayhem tag team partner, Ren Smyth. Two titles in five months wasn?t enough for Kawajai and he had another fantastic moment winning the Elite Championship at No Regards that year. He eventually lost the title in October. However, his year wasn?t complete. To top it all off, Kawajai picked up the award for Rookie of the Year and Most Improved Extremist. Two awards that everyone will agree were very well earned. You see, despite not having won a world title myself, it always felt like a victory when ?my better half? won a title and did something brilliant. As my best friend, everything he did made me proud. Then came 2012 where Kawajai won the EAW Championship, EAW?s highest honour, the most iconic title in the company. It was perhaps the most special moment of his career. However, when Kawajai lost to Dark Demon at No Regards, unfortunately, the EAW Championship had to be retired. It was a sad day and many were upset and let down that Kawajai had lost the match, but per the stipulation and Demon?s victory. It was the last we saw of the EAW Championship. Discontent at Kawa losing the title, Mister DEDEDE challenged Kawa at Territorial Invasion and the match ended on a low note for both. DEDEDE was put in a coma and Kawa hasn?t been seen since. While he may not be in EAW at the present time, Kawajai definitely left a legacy and has his name in the books as a Grand Slam Champion. There?s really only one word I can find to describe how awesome a person Kawajai is and that is synonymous with his career in EAW. It?s our favourite; it is Kawagasmic!

( Kawajai steps out onto the stage )


Kawajai: Well you know ? it never really was that hard to get my thoughts out to you folk, hell, I practically lived on this mic. But damn, this just isn?t the same. This isn?t me talking about my upcoming match, this isn?t me throwing out shitty joke after shitty joke to try and get a reaction. This is me ? bidding farewell to each and every one of you. All of my fans who stuck with me throughout these three years. Everyone who I?ve had the pleasure of stepping into the ring with over my career, and there?s a special few guys I?d like to give a warm thanks to.

Three years ago, I picked myself up off my ass and joined an organization called Total Hardcore Wrestling. I and dozens of others entered the fire with nothing but the clothes on our backs, and only a handful of us really saw the beauty in all of it. Some you may be familiar with, some not. Men like Dark Demon, Siberian Wolverine, King Cliff, Risky Business and of course the lovely Cameron Ella Ava. Then we have the man who you all saw heartwarmingly introduce me, one of the greatest friends a guy could ask for, Nigey. I tell ya man, if it wasn?t for him, I wouldn?t even be making this speech in front of all of you tonight. He's the only reason I even considered pursuing this career in the first place and there's no question that most of my success could be attributed to him. And one day, I'd like for these roles to be reversed. I'd like to sit in the front row as he's doing now, smiling, setting the stage for only the greatest hall of fame speech ever made. Quite a big step from what I used to be...

I used to be that guy who couldn't walk around backstage without getting made fun of because of his name. I used to be the guy who bounced around from company to company with barely a cent to his name. I was basically every negative cliche in the word piled into one gigantic piece of shit.

Then I got good. And damn it, snatching up win after win and kicking dust into the faces of everybody who ever denounced you as a person is one of the most satisfying feelings someone can have. And now I'm standing here in front of all of you a former world champion and if you told me I'd be doing this three years ago, I would think you were batshit crazy. But that was then, and it's a completely different story now. 'With a little help from my friends' and all of you, I wouldn't be in the position I am now. Through will, determination, your support, and a shit ton of luck, I'm standing here as the head of the Class of 2012 Hall of Fame. It'd be an understatement to call it the greatest achievement of my life, but at this point in time, I just can't put the words together to say otherwise. It's hard enough for me to think up a well-thought-out speech detailing my entire career, but to do it up here in front of all of you isn't exactly doing much good for my nerves. So with that, I'll end this the exact same way I started.

Listen to me when I talk. Watch me when I wrestle. You're gonna want to tell your kids, your grandkids, your great-grandkids, and the rest of your family that YOU WITNESSED HISTORY IN THE MAKING!

Thank You.


( Kawajai and Eddie Mack hug on the stage )


( EAW logo buzzes )


( Camera pans to black )