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Reply Demon
11:45 PM on May 25, 2014 
Reply The New Breed Champion
4:02 PM on May 25, 2014 


You know Aleks for the past few months I have watched your growth along with Juha and also Jason Skilled. I have watched how you three desperately try to rise to the ranks in NEO in hopes that one day you get called up to one of the main rosters. I find it sad that you three would go through the simple road in raising the ire of Jake Mercer and try to bully him in gettng what you three think you deserve. Which in all honesty you three don't deserve anything whatsoever. But not only you raised the ire of Jake Mercer you have forgotten that you were the three men that pulled the trigger on me and initiated this war. You want to go around asking, why are we meddling in your affairs, why are we even in NEO to begin with? Don't ask why on things that you three have started and that along with DeDeDe we will finish this little so called "uprising"


At Hellbound both him and I will do just that, and it's fitting that the NEO Special Event is called that because we are in a setting that I have lived and experienced hell at it's purest form my whole entire life. I'm not saying it gives myself an edge in this match, what I'm saying is that for you three men you will be entering a lion's den at Hellbound. The blood has already stained your hands when you three tried your hardest to take me out but here I stand and with back up as well. Cole, I don't know why you would put out these irrelevant facts about me defending the New Breed Championship only once against Aren, the only man from NEO who tried to take away what's mine in a losing effort. All that matters is you three trying to make a name for yourselves over my sake. But as I think about it more we are all should look at a bigger picture and I'm not talking about the personal feud between us, I'm not talkng about the pride and my championship defenses and how I have been looked upon by others. I'm talking about us aiming to be the Unified Tag Team Champions and in order for DeDeDe and I to reach that goal we must take you three down.


You can make up some made up reasons why the things are happening to you like a so called conspiracy but the truth of the matter is that you have asked for it. You wanted to prove that you three are the most dominant force in NEO today. You wanted to be known around the world, you should know that to seek fame and fortune you must also accept what will happen if you venture out to become someone. At Hellbound no matter what the odds may be, you will be put through something more worse than death, more worse than hell itself. You three will know what despair really is. You three tried to take away my purpose in life and that in itself is like killing me and I will not stand by thinking that you three will be the result of my down fall. You have made it personal and I will not stop until I see the destruction of you three. Jason, Aleks and Juha you three have opened pandora's box and now you will suffer the consequences for your actions and at Hellbound you will suffer and you three will realize in yourself that you three aren't as good as you three originally thought. Be careful what you wished for because what you want is what will be the death of you. Remember that you three because at Hellbound you have reached the point of no return and once those gates of hell shuts and we all do battle. Only DeDeDe and I will be the one walking out of hell intact and victorious while you three will dwell inside hell constantly thinking what you all could have done preventing your downfall.

Reply Aleks
10:56 PM on May 24, 2014 

Over the past months Juha, Jason and I have created chaos over NEO. Ever since we made our name known around here, the general manager has made it his mission to stop us at any cost. Little does he know that every time he tries screwing us over, it only makes the situation worse. Trying to make us compete for something we've earned months ago is insulting, we shouldn't be forced into doing such thing, and we weren't. Explicit Content were two of the most promising extremists NEO had in a very long time, and just in a blink of an eye they're gone for god knows how long. All because of a man refusing to fulfill his promises. If nothing we've done has made Mercer change his mind that's fine by us, I just hope he's ok with bad things happening to his precious roster. At HellBound instead of facing the current Young Lions Tag Team Cup Holders, we're going three on two against Ryan Savage and DeDeDe, two men that had absolutely no bussiness with us yet they've decided to keep annoying us week and week out. They consider themselves superior to us, mostly because they're main brand guys, they're established guys, one more than the other, but if they think that's going to stop us then they're horribly wrong. HellBound is where we take over the shit show known as NEO. I mean, what better way to proclaim ourselves as the deserving number one contenders for the tag cups or the tag titles, as the most promising new extremists in EAW, as the next big thing, than defeating a multiple times World Champion, one of the EAW greats....aaaand Ryan Savage. Not taking credit out of him, after all he is the current New Breed Champion with one succesful defense to his name, he's just completely overshadowed by his partner. That's not the case with us, we're all equally great, and we have the same goals, as opposed to you two, since DeDeDe is a little too good to hang around with Ryan on ShowDown and Dynasty, while he goes on to try and get an opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship, where does that leave little Ryan Savage? He doesn't even get a chance to defend his championship, could it be because nobody is interested in it? Riddle me that, Batman.


Had this been a normal tag team match, then maybe, just maybe there would have been a chance for Ryan and DeDeDe to come out of this contest victorious, unluckily for them, that's not going to be happening, because with Jason on our side there's no way you two scrubs are going to be able to beat us. The numbers are in our favour, they don't lie and they spell disaster for you two come May thirty. So far in our previous encounters you two have been very lucky, there hasn't been an actual contest though, and now that you don't have any chances at blindsiding us, trust me, that luck will run out. I don't care if you're one of the best wrestlers the world has seen, I don't care if you're a wannabe superhero who's actually more shit than Wolverine, you're going down. I understand all of the EAW Universe expects us to get wrecked, but you see that's why nobody pays attention to them. They're a bunch of idiots and refuse to accept World's Finest as the best thing going on. Instead you have them being part of something ridiculous such as the RyaNation. We don't need the approval of anyone, everyone's always against us, but we prove them wrong every single time, and there's absolutely no difference in the current situation.


What I don't understand though, is why are you even here? You two don't have any reason to show up on the C show, why would a Hall of Famer and someone who just got out of NEO ever feel like coming here? I know, I know it's all part of the conspiracy the management has going on to get rid of us. From the very first second we stepped foot on this company, we've made every NEO extremist our bitch, we've proved that we're better than developmental, so why are we still here? They don't like us, they don't want us to succeed, but that is going to happen whether they like it or not. You're going to have to give us what we want, or would you like the same thing that's happened to Freakshow, Warrior, Kaizer and Ramone, happen to Ryan? Would you like to see more of your roster keep getting ambushed, Aren, Cage, we've taken countless men out and we're not stopping anytime soon. If the best you can give us is this match then godammit we're going to accept it and take it to the next level. Beware of the consequences that will happen due to your poor choices come HellBound. Just keep in mind that even if you refuse giving us what we want, what we've earned, we're simply going to take it, like it or not. All that's left for me to say, is that Friday is going to be hell indeed.

Reply GI Styles
1:36 PM on May 24, 2014 

Damn, Edward. Did I touch a nerve or something?


You know what a nerve is, right? Little things under your skin. I’m only clarifying this to you because you obviously have no idea what irony is. It’s really strange why everyone seems to think that I’m in a slump. I mean, let’s compare each other, shall we? We both failed in World Title shots, but here’s the difference. You couldn’t beat a weakened and battle-weary Impact, who was actually someone who I managed to best in the past when gold was on the line. And he was at full health no less. So then you took your ball and went home, but when you came back you didn’t try to aim for the anything, and now you are working as a thug for a moody drunkard with an ego, no pun intended, the size of his beer gut. So then we compare your situation to mine. I lost to a fully healthy Tyler, and quite frankly didn’t take it well. For a while I just fell off, but the funny thing is, I still managed to win a lot of contests. So much so that I am current a Tag Team Champion. So let’s just remind the good people at home what the score is, Eddie. I am a current reigning Champion, and have managed to win three belts in my time with this company. Concurrently, you managed to win Cash in the Vault and…Yeah. Literally nothing else. Who is the failure here, Edward? Who is the one who should be mocked for them failing to live off to expectations? Who is the guy who dropped off? You know what? I think the answer to all three is me, because the one thing I’m getting from context is that at this point, nobody expects anything from you and there are only three people who are going to be wrestling for these belts at Dia Del Diablo who anyone actually anticipates anything from, and on that front you would be the odd man out of this equation. I know you must have heard it all the time from the kids on NEO, but, and while I would LOVE to mock you about you having to go back down there, that would be hypocritical of me, so let’s just say you can’t condemn people who aren’t actually wrong about something.


As for Havier…Honestly, I don’t think I’m qualified to deal with your level of stupidity, so here’s my response to you. What have I done since I lost to Tyler? Won the fucking titles you are looking to take from me, you insufferable idiot. Jesus Christ. All I needed to do to undo 12 months of good work was to lose a couple of matches, only one of which had any consequence, on the brand which actually exists beyond two names- And what I’m saying here is that while ShowDown has the likes of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Tyler Parker, Jacob Senn, King DeDeDe, HBB, Cy Henderson and of course GI Styles, Dynasty pretty much lives and dies with Jaywalker and Carlos Rosso. Maybe Normal Hellion gets an honorable mention, since he is unique to the roster as not being a bitch who needs a group of people to cover his overrated arse constantly. Hell. Even ShowDown’s generic arsehole group of jackoffs in the House of Renegades seems like real competitors compared to you tossers in Demon’s Council. But enough petty bickering about which brand is better…Because ShowDown clearly is…All that matters in the end is that I’ve seen the likes of Havier Williams and Eddie Mack a million times before. They will use up excuse after excuse as to why they are such massive failures, and because they get desperate in the face of the superior vocation of GI Styles and Carlos Rosso, they panic and start trying to deflect their own inadequacies onto the people who actually succeeded in this company, and have the title belts to prove it. We’re at the stage where the only way you two can’t be droning hypocrites is if you don’t even bother making the trip down to Montana, because as long as Dynamite Rain has something you covet, no bullshit will turn the facts around here. And that is that Dynamite Rain will forever be Ichiban, and you slugs will forever be Niiiiiiban.


Reply Injured
7:36 AM on May 24, 2014 

what the fug

(Special Guest EAW Interviewer Renee Young walks towards Carlos Rosso's hotel room door with a camera man behind her.)


RY: Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm trying to get an exclusive interview with one half of the EAW Unified Tag Team Champions, Carlos Rosso as he is dealing with last minute preparations for Dynamite Rain's first title defense against Demon's Council Members Xavier Williams and Eddie Mack.


(Renee walks up to Room 318 and begins to hear giggling and girlish squealing before making a knock. She knocks again when she doesn't get an immediate answer and Carlos Rosso finally emerges, shirtless and wearing a pair of boxers. Renee immediately blushes and looks away before speaking.)


RY: Oh hi, Carlos. We were hoping to have a few words with you this morning about your match at Dia Del Diablo on pay-per-view tomorrow evening. Did I come at a bad time?


Poison: Carlos, who's that at the door?


(Carlos looks back and opens a the door a little bit, much to the chagrin of a now beet-faced Renee Young and much to the delight of a pervy cameraman who managed to get this shot of Poison and her new look....)


Carlos: Nobody but an interviewer, babe. It shouldn't take long, they just want to ask about the match tomorrow.


Poison: Don't keep me waiting long.

(Carlos pulls the door back and gives the cameraman a little bit of a shove as he tries to keep his camera in the room.)


Carlos: Alright, how can I help you?


RY: Well....we just wanted to get your thoughts on some of the comments made by your opponents going into this flaming tables match.


Carlos: Sure, what did the two losers say this time?


RY: One of the main things that they seem to emphasize is that Dynamite Rain may not be as complete a unit as we would like to believe. They have both questioned GI Styles's worth ethic and intensity ever since he lost his World Heavyweight Championship opportunity against then-Champion Tyler Parker....not to mention losing his own championship after a record run. Is there a change in your partner that you've noticed?


Carlos: Look, GI Styles is still GI Styles. He's still a Japanese guy who happens to be from Canada who also happens to be a world class elite wrestler still. Have you seen his performances when he's teamed with me? Have you seen him on Showdown Deadlift German Suplexing damn near everything in sight? The loss hurt him and it looked for a little while that his confidence was a little shaken. Look, people have slumps. Tom Brady has slumps. Barrack Obama has slumps. Landon Donovan has slumps.......okay, MAYBE Landon wasn't the best example to use since he's going to be sitting on his ass this summer but the bottom line is even the best, most powerful of men have slumps and I can assure you that GI Styles is ready to go for this match. It's Dynamite Rain's first title defense since the end of last summer and by God we plan on making it one to remember!


RY: Your opponents have also had some pretty choice words for you, Carlos. Edward, as he likes to be known by now I think, said that you didn't break him and said that he was going to send you face first through a flaming table? Doesn’t that concern you any?


Carlos: Nope. The thing that “Edward” needs to get through his head is that even though we've held championship gold the same amount of times and all that crap. The fact is that I have something that he doesn't have despite his Cash in the Vault win. I have something that's an essential ingredient to making a great wrestler: The respect of his peers. Do you see any of these other guys in wrestling taking me for a damn joke? Do you hear people like Jaywalker, Tyler Parker, Dark Demon, Impact, Norman Hellion or anyone else take me for some joke? Nope. They respect me. They respect the fact that I called out every big shot in EAW the moment I arrived. They respect the fact that I outwitted the Quintessential Trailblazers, Outlasted the “Sisters” who were supposedly terrorizing the company, and Outwitted two imbeciles who called themselves Explicit Content. They respect that I have not backed down and hidden from people. They respect that as champions, Dynamite Rain is closing in on an unprecedented feat: Successfully defending the Tag Team Championships at Pain for Pride not ONCE but TWICE.


RY: Is there any pressure going into this match? This is your first defense and it would be considered a great embarrassment to lose the titles here to a much less heralded team.


Carlos: There is no pressure. I don't feel the heat from these guys with all due respect. In fact, the only heat I'm going to feel at all from them is the residual heat from the flames before me or GI send one of them crashing through a table. It's not complicated stuff, it's not rocket science here. Individually and to a man, we are better than them. I'm understanding them for putting their hope on the fact that GI may be in a slump. I get it. But that's all it is, HOPE. Hope thinly disguised as confidence. I'm as cool as a snowball on Antarctica on a polar bear's ass. I couldn't be more confident and more ready for this contest.


(The interview is interrupted as a clearly annoyed Poison saunters over towards Carlos and wraps her arms around his waist.)


Poison: You said this wouldn't take long!


Carlos: I know....Just give me a second....


(Renee looks a little flustered as Poison presses her body against Carlos's back.


Carlos: She just got out of the hospital a couple of days ago after running a few tests to make sure she didn't have any serious injuries after dealing with those two goofballs on Neo a while back. She's just a little...uh.....needy right now.




RY: Right....well...Xavier also talked about your failure to win the Grand Rampage as promised and also questioned GI's will to compete. He says he will beat you like he beat Zack Crash.


Carlos: Pfft....ME and ZACH CRASH in the same category....As if. The guy was a fluke champion and I am a champion that has stood his ground, continuously holding gold in this company for nearly a calendar year! Things didn't go well at the Grand Rampage. Remember when I was talking about great athletes having a slump? I had mine at a pretty unfortunate time. But I do have a plan, a GRAND Plan to make sure that Dynamite Rain aren't just the Champions of the Tag Team division, but of EAW as a whole. We are going to defeat these two losers, these fleas from the rotting carcass that is Dark Demon's career.




(A feminine voice with a soft Southern twang is heard in the hotel room.)


????: Hey Carlos......I thought we were going to have a little fun sometime this morning, sugar? Don't you need your “warm-up” before Dia Del Diablo.


(The door opens a bit and the cameraman gets a shot of a young blonde beauty laying on a nearby bed. Carlos pushes the cameraman's camera back out of the hotel room.)


Carlos: Hey! Stop perving, camera boy! That's my job! Look, We're going to beat this team of misfit Demons tomorrow and send them back to hell through flaming tables no less. Then I'm going to continue on with my own personal plans for Pain for Pride. I think Xavier said something to you guys about me being no different than last year and he's right: I've still got the GOLD, I've still got the GIRLS, and I've got the AMBITION to spare to take Carlos Rosso from Top-Tier and bring him up to GOD-Tier. Any other questions? No? Good. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a personal, ah, “workout” to attend to. Peace.....


(Renee Young is left speechless as the door closes for a moment before Carlos opens it back up.)











(The door is immediately slammed and the screen fades to black as a few giggles can be heard from behind the hotel room door.)



Reply Jaywalker 🐲Hall of Fame Champion🐲
11:18 PM on May 23, 2014 

Why? How?

Your existence…..so persistently defies me. You’re more annoying and lingering than Y2Impact and Mr.DEDEDE combined. Ever since Project E.G.O Cameron you’ve been there at every turn to stand in my way. EGO dissolves, still there. CN Tower splits, still there, hell I distinctly recall a moment on Showdown when Cleo returned by your side that you were the one who convinced her to betray me in the first place, costing me my world championship. Still today, you there! I’ve outclassed you, I’ve beaten and bruised you time after time, but for some inexplicable reason………….you don’t stop, you don’t leave me alone. You have an unending will power. Is that it Cameron? Do you think you’ll out will me? Do you think in this ultimate contest of determination it’ll be me who blinks first?! ME WHO BREAKS?!!! CAMERON, I AM ABOVE IRON, I AM STRONGER THAN STEEL, I DO NOT BUCKLE, I DO NOT BEND AND I DO NOT BREAK! I WILL SHATTER YOU LIKE PORCELAIN, YOU WILL BE THE FINE CHINA THAT’S DESTRUCTION RESOUNDS ACROSS THE ENTIRE HOUSE WHEN THROWN TO THE GROUND! YOU WILL LEARN, I AM NOT TO BE TESTED, YOU’VE POKED AT THIS BEAR TOO MANY TIMES!

You don’t need to ask me if I am concerned and tell me not to turn my back on you, you must not understand how seriously I take this encounter. This is the type of battle that sticks to one person for the rest of their lives, this match represents something done since ancient tribal times where man would mark man to leave a lasting impression of their conquest, their domination! Do you honestly think I’d let you leave your mark on me? For me to become some punchline in the EAW locker room? No Cameron, you will be left with my symbol, you will be a walking talking advertisement for my dominion and legacy when you will have to bear the image of my desire on your body for the rest of your days! All it’ll take is one moment of time to eradicate everything that you’ve built in EAW, Cameron the unquestionable, Cameron the unshakeable, Cameron the girl with the goddess touch, Cameron the undying face of the vixens division, will become Cameron Jaywalker’s property. You know this to be true. After Dia Del Diablo I’ll become that kid that who CAN turn the seat he wishes to sit on each day and show that his name is in fact on it to whoever wants to take his spot. I’ll become that YouTube video maker who can prove that someone stole his video because his watermark is right there at the right edge of the screen. You and Heart Break Boy try as you may to build you up as an independent person will be negated because my mark will prove that you belong to me!

I’m not any of these other extremists you’ve overcome, I’m lawless and most all I have no love for you in my body. With every fiber of my body I have hated you. I’ve cursed the all too familiar aroma of your body odor and perfume in any arena we’ve shared, I’ve wished decay on every tooth in that large jaw of yours that shines white any time you smile and if I could I’d have ripped that tongue from out of it any time I’ve been forced to hear you talk! This is my chance to spoil you, this is my chance against the American Dream to render your forces resources useless. Because after this match you won’t want to bother me again, you won’t want to back up the Heart Break Boy and hold that that banner of yours high……..

In short getting rid of your honour, independence and love for this business that drives you to fight will be a part of my scorched earth policy.

Reply Faal Zonahkriin Qahnaarin
10:38 PM on May 23, 2014 


Dia Del Diablo #5


What to I need to prove constantly against you or any other extremist in this industry? It is simple. I constantly need to prove that no matter what situation I am put in against people like you, people like me will survive and thrive.


You have this mentality, ever since you became a world champion, that with that victory it made you better than everyone else. It made you better than me or anyone else on the roster, but this is what I think. With your logic, with your assumption because your words are certainly not fact, EAW would not be where it is today. I mean you think that because there are five other world champions, five men who have held the title, they know what it is like inside of that steel structure, but let me hit you with some knowledge. What if Mr. DEDEDE believes the same thing you preached when he was faced with three great contenders in Masters, Captain Charisma and Rated R Shaman of Sexy to become not only a world champion, but the EAW Undisputed Hardcore Champion? What if Y2Impact felt that way when he was entering the Elimination Chamber to at Road 2 Redemption to become the EAW World Heavyweight Champion? What if Kevin Devastation felt that way when he defeated Cy Henderson, Extreme Enigma and Robbie V in the middle of the ring to be EAW Champion? How about when Lethal Consequences felt that he should not be a world champion because he never won one when he entered against WWEFan, Captain Charisma, and StarrStan to be the final EAW Undisputed Champion? Finally, what if you felt that same way that you speak about when you entered Road to Redemption to be a EAW World Heavyweight Champion to achieve your dream?


All of these men who became a world champion, all of these men who conquered their opponents and captured greatness in the palm of their hands, they did not care about if their opponents were former world champions, current world champions, or even the greatest man that ever stepped foot in that ring and graced the world with his presence. They had no experience in being a world champion before that moment when they captured the gold, the same as you, but they still came out victorious in the end. No matter how they did, what methods were used to attain, they are to this day able to call themselves a world champion for it. So all this bullshit about you saying that because I have not walked down that ramp as a world champion is the reason why I will not be ready or will not know what to expect in that ring, then you better forget about having a match against the world champion at Pain for Pride because there will be no way in Hell you will come out with a victory. If deep down inside you actually believe what came out of your mouth, then you are more of a blinded idiot than I thought you were. The people watched you defy the odds at Road to Redemption, picked your moment and seized it, and you became a world champion even when you were never one. Quite a predicament, isn’t it? Is that Tyler Parker dead now and one that only cares about accolades and accomplishments is the one that stands before me lecturing me about what I know when I enter that prison? Well, whatever it is, I despise and hate him to the point to where it sickens me.


Reply Faal Zonahkriin Qahnaarin
10:37 PM on May 23, 2014 

Yes, hate is a strong word. Hate is one of the strongest words you can use to define how you feel towards someone and I am glad you hate me because the fact is that I do hate you as well. I would go even as far as to say I hate you about as much as I hate Zack Crash. Why is that? Not only is it because of your newfound attitude about what it takes to be a world champion and your superiority complex, but because you think every action that I take revolves around Tyler Parker. You think that all I think about from when I first open my eyes in the morning from whatever hotel room I am staying to when I fall asleep in that same place, I have Tyler Parker circling around my mind, but I don’t. You want to be this martyr to the people, this saint amongst the devils of the world that you actually think that I need you as my scapegoat, but I don’t. I am only in this match for two reasons: because I want to be a world champion and to make sure that every person in this match sees what they are underestimating. I am not here to make Tyler Parker suffer, but for the aforementioned reasons. Kevin Devastation just happened to put you in this match after he placed me in it and what can I say, he must have a real good taste for finding to men who despise one another to the core. When I go in that ring, win or lose, I want nothing else to do with you, Tyler. I do not want to have you across the ring from me, I do not want you standing by my side, and I do not even want you five-hundred miles away for me or even uttering my name out of your mouth. I want to go in my road, you on yours, and never seeing one another again.


We all know that it will not happen though, because we are all eventually going to stand across from one another once more. It is inevitable and what else is inevitable is beating you until you plead for me and beg me to release you from your suffering. Fire inside of No Way Out, it does not change the rules or the nature of the game inside of that diabolical structure, it just adds another instrument to use in my own personal symphony of destruction and anguish to conduct towards the EAW audience. The rules, the same, the structure, the same, just the opponents and the addition of fire are the changes. New souls to be devoured, new tool for new sounds and that will be what makes this match so exciting. I am an addict, Tyler, but not a addict to you like some pervert, peeping tom, or stalker, but I am addict for pain, suffering, destruction and chaos. Why else would I want to endure this lifestyle of being a professional wrestler? Money that you could find in various other jobs, fame that you could find as some kind of artist, glory that you could find as some political leader or general of an army? None of those, but because I can be the conductor of the orchestra I was meant to be with and give others the pain that I have kept bottled inside for a while and this arena is going to let me get all that aggression out. There will be no way out inside of that match, no escape from the sadistic madness that is going to happen tomorrow. I am going to dig into my darkest of natures, the insanity that lies underneath, the deranged sadist that wants to do what he loves, and I am going to plunge every soul that is inside Hell with me into a darkness to where there is no escape and where the chains that will confine you to your own downfall will be so tight that it will seem as if you were paralyzed. Tomorrow, I fight you with everything I can possibly fight with and when that happens, one of two things will happen. Every man falls before me and I become the number one contender at Pain for Pride or…I fail and someone is lucky to pin someone and I finish what I began and decimate them as well in that structure. No matter what happens, the creed will stand strong in that asylum as the maddest and most vengeful of all the men takes his moment.


Nothing is true; everything is permitted.


Reply "The Incurable Toxin" Venom
9:37 PM on May 23, 2014 

A man who so foolishly claims and perceives himself as a god is nothing more than a mere peasant in this world that we inhabit.


Demon, you poor, deluded fool. Your testaments that you have presented against Hades and I have almost drove me to feeling pity for you, but I could never pity a man who has plunged so deep into despair that he perceives things in a such a false way, that nearly everything he utters is mere foolishness originated from your own depression. One of your false perceptions is of me failing in this company. I don't need your approval, I DON'T DESIRE YOUR APPROVAL! The only validity to your claims is that of your plagued insights and false beliefs. It's those who are least expected, it's those who are look down upon the most that most frequently achieve greatness, and the journey to the top is much more beneficial, because all the critics who continuously despised you, ridiculed you, and gave reasons as to why you would fail, find themselves unable to speak from the silence that you have bestowed them with. One day, I would enjoy seeing you view me finalizing my journey to the top, but sadly, the moment will be something that you won't be lucky enough to witness. By the time that arrives, Hades will be Answers World Champion, Demon's Council will be in a scramble for relevance, and you'll be trying to regain your composure, similar to what ensued following your match against DEDEDE. A composure that will always linger above you, but you will be to afraid to grasp it, because you won't be able to face the image of Venom and Hades the Hellraiser upon a higher point that not even you reached.


You see yourself as an idolized version of god, a god who rules EAW and fears nothing or nobody. But a god... A GOD.... doesn't sacrifice his comrades, a god doesn't utilize the plagues of those who he calls his friends, a god who truly fears nothing doesn't enter every battle and allow it to transpire with him getting his ass saved by numerous individuals. Demon, face reality, the reality where your nothing. YOU LOST TO DEDEDE! YOU LOST TO ALEX ANDERSON! And you would have lost to Starr Stan, you would have lost to Diamond Cage. But the one person who will not be a individual who you should of lost to is Hades, as he will triumph over you, over Demon's Council, and this mountain of delusions that you have assembled. Starr Stan fought valiantly against you, but unfortunate events befall everybody at one point, and that event for him was that he was being opposed by a coward who needed the help of true lackeys and a woman. IT TOOK THREE PEOPLE TO FINALLY PUT DOWN DIAMOND CAGE! Yet you still stand before us and label me as a lackey, and label yourself as a god. Conquering two individuals doesn't indicate you're a god, it only indicates the damnation that you have allowed yourself to enter.


If manipulation was a factor that truly transpired between you and DEDEDE, it was on his part by manipulating you. I wasn't present in EAW at the time of your feud, so I can't say what transpired bit by bit. But I know the end result was you leaving EAW, with your head down, depression overwhelming you, and DEDEDE being announced as a winner. Vanishing for several months and joining an alliance to eradicate the company which made you who you are only further indicates what you try to run away from. You didn't manipulate DEDEDE, YOU MANIPULATED YOURSELF! You made yourself believe that you manipulated him and emerged on the winning end. The loss devastated you to the point that your ideals became corrupted, that the ideals that emerged from your depression was a world without EAW. You wanted to erase your failures from history, YOU DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE A TRACE! And once again, you failed. Do you know where you should be? Erased from EAW like you had desired. If I recall correctly, the losers of that 5 on 5 match were to all be erased from the history books, correct? But that isn't what you wanted, you wanted to erase everything EAW had created, every trace of every men who walked through those doors for your own selfish desires and purposes, and even though I hate to say it, DEDEDE helped reveal the real Dark Demon. Not a god, but a coward, a coward who manipulates the weak helps him defeat the strong, as you are a coward who is no longer capable of doing so alone. At Dia Del Diablo, Hades, Zack, and I truly finish the job DEDEDE started over a year ago, that being sending Dark Demon out of EAW forever.


Your hopes, your beliefs, your council, and your ideals will all vanish in an instant. They will all go up in smoke with the flames, as long with Dark Demon himself. Demon, you put yourself in this position, you are the one responsible for this all... you are a man who created his own ordeal.

Reply Albert Hitchman
8:33 PM on May 23, 2014 

Reverse Psychology? No, no, no... you've got it all wrong. Scott Diamond is simply stating the fact that he's not entirely sure he wants to be World Heavyweight Champion, and you know? Quite frankly, I don't blame him. As he's already mentioned, he's proved that he himself is bigger than the championship, but it's not only that. Who would want to hold the championship which has been degraded with names like Ashten Cross, Mr. Insult, and Hurricane Hawk. While Demon, Jaywalker and yourself have done your best to try and pry the championship out from the mucky gutter, it hasn't worked. When I look at that championship, the one you so proudly carry around your waist, I don't see prestige, I don't see history, and it's sad, it's sad that less than a month ago, I sacrificed my life for that title, a title that doesn't bare any meaning anymore, it's essentially become nothing more than a token of relevance. It wasn't too long ago that holding that championship meant you were undisputedly the man in the company, now it just helps you stick your neck out a bit so you're slightly more recognizable than the rest of the pack.


So that raises the question, if the title means nothing, why is Scott going through with this match? Not only that by why would he DEMAND this match, why would I allow him too?


The answer is a simple one, one that you and everyone should know, but for the few that haven't quite figured it out... Winning the title tomorrow night will mean that you don't have it, and that, that makes me happy, no ecstatic.


You've made a grave mistake Sekaiichi, and with each incoherent, contradicting word thaht comes out of your mouth you dig the hole deeper and deeper, sooner or later you won't be able to climb out of it, you're doubting the abilities of Scott Diamond, let's not forget that you couldn't beat Cy Henderson on your own, and Scott Diamond put Cy out indefinitely. You're so fixated, so caught up on this "Mikado" nonsense that you really have yourself believing you're invincible. I won't blame you too much for that though, after all if I just acheived my lifelong dream, no matter how attenuate it may have become, I'd be feeling pretty fucking good myself. Maybe I wouldn't be so outgoing with it though, because let's be real, let's be genuine Rob, your "invincibility" has absolutely nothing to do with you or your skill, it has to do with the fact that for the past year you've had an ARMY behind you, whether it be a manager, authority figure, you always had people watching your back to assure that you were invincible.


You went from a god, to a king, to the soul person in your own little fantasy land, but know you would have had none of it without people behind you. Without people like myself, Kendra Shamez or Damien Murrow you'd still be at home, unable to speak. You see this is exactly what Scott Diamond was talking about, how you owe basically all of your recent success to him, which is absolutely, 100% true, but what he failed to realize... or did realize and just didn't mention was that, while he was gracious enough to give you your job back... you'd be stagnant, kicking stones without any of us.


You're not invincible, as a matter of fact you're quite vulnerable, and the fact that you've refused to get physical with Scott Diamond, at the contract signing and then last week, while others may see it as you playing mind games, Scott and I see it as an act of a coward. You would rather get thrown into a flaming table than retaliate and be made a fool of in front of everyone. Suit yourself, by the end of tomorrow night everyone will know what we already know.

[[Part I]]

        You'd think someone whose career has suffered from years of embarrassment would try his best to avoid a dispute that zeros in on the early stages of career that existed long before he was even aware of its existence.  The amusing thing about it is, he believes the EAW Universe is liable to believe the word of a deluded overseer with a selective memory over me.  I mean it's no biggie; I'm only a man who has yet to forget any of the events of my career.  It's my miraculous memory that led to me attacking Rami two years back, and me targeting Jaywalker in the Grand Rampage this year.  But I'm not one to turn down a challenge, so let us rewind the clocks a few years back shall we?  Four years to be exact when I made my debut in MSF's Company.  Say what you want about the guy, but he's responsible for the careers of me, Miss Vicious, and Dorin who each met success in EWE and came to the EAW.  It's safe to say that if it weren't for him I wouldn't even be here, because it was he who encouraged me to pursue a career outside of that company; and I did that once I found the AWE.


        Although TRDD never said I should be World Champion, I was World Champion once that failed merger between AWE and DCW was finally nipped in the bud.  Speaking of DRW, I can't believe you actually forgot about that place.  That was where I won the Rage Championship in a Six Man Battle Royal, damn old age must be kicking your ass because you also failed to recall me losing Superstar of the Month to Moongoose McQueen, who in fact WAS your World Heavyweight Champion at the time.  This chapter ends with me taking a leave of absence to recover from a few injuries, after a couple of months I returned to find that DRW was gone and DCW was rebuilt.  Upon joining DCW for what would be the last time, I returned to the EWE, beat out SES for the Number One Contendership on Chaos, and became the World Heavyweight Champion while still being in DCW at the time.  So tell me, how could you have possibly been running DCW Full Time and pulling strings over in EWE?  Do you think Management was that stupid to have the Owner of a rival company as a member of their Board?  A couple of weeks following my Title win in EWE; I had what was supposedly a Title Unification Match against Ren Smyth, that resulted in me walking away as the EWE Champion and he as the World Champion.  I believe you came around sometime around that because DCW wound up dying shortly after.  With that being said, you weren't the cause nor the effect of my career being launched.  If this hasn't convinced you, then feel free to take a gander at all the other names you took under your limp wing.  James Daniels, SES, Moonlight Predator, and Pyrite, who each were pretty big names on the Voltage Roster until they encountered hurdles that eventually led to them leaving the EAW.


        To you, this is probably a coincidence, but I see it as a pattern.  As we all know, you can't fly straight with a limp wing; and Demon you've been struggling to do just that for the longest time.  In addition to bearing company after company and career after career, you've only managed to complete a full circle over a hundred times; dropping everything that you struggled to carry one by one.  First it was DCW, then it was DRW, then it was DCW again, then it was James, then it was SES, then it was Moonlight Predator, then Pyrite, then Voltage, then EAW, then EWE again, then DCW again; and you think you posses the right to call me a choke artist?  I didn't fail at every project I was met with, I didn't promise these guys careers that I knew I couldn't give them, and I don't try to take credit for shit I know I had nothing to deal with to rectify the disgust I have for myself when I look into a mirror.  You do.

[[Part II]]

        You may golden shower on the names of TRDD who may have been the first World Champion of his own company (as if CM Banks didn't do the same with the EAW Title) and MSF for his lack of teaching skills, but fact is they did a hell of a lot more good for my career than you ever did!  All you've done was manage to give me a headache with your misguided stories, try to bully me into doing your dirty work for you, and try to sabotage my match at the Grand Rampage; and you think you're owed some kind of appeasement for that?  PFFT!  I can't even give you credit for an original comeback, seeing as I've heard all of this before from DEDEDE himself.  I suppose this is just another one of your attempts to out-do him, and in spite of your best efforts resulting in failure as usual.  It gets stressful having to put up with insecure people like you who disrespect the very people you aspire to be.  You say that DEDEDE revised History to make himself look better, but wasn't that how you got into the Hall of Fame; and you say that The House never had any credibility, yet we've exerted our dominance by beating every name on Show-Down including that THOR parody you call a Faction a record three times, winning the Unified Tag Team Championships, and pulling the wool over everyone's eyes by revealing our true intentions with DEDEDE.  Something you were never able to do even in your days as a Project EGO member.  Regardless of all the hell he's put us through, I can honestly say that DEDEDE was a better Leader, Wrestler, Talker, and Chairman than you were.  Even when his spiteful nature drove him to vacate them, he allowed us to win the Tag Titles on our own.  When the Council won the New Breed and Answer's Championships there was foul play involved, in fact the only thing you can brag about is Xavier ending Crash's streak.  But had Zack been on Show-Down for the majority of his time with this streak, I doubt he would have lasted two months with it intact.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to belittle Dynasty as a brand, because you and the rest of them do that enough.  I'm here to actually give this shit hole somewhat of a reputation as well as win the Answer's Championship.  As far as Pain for Pride goes, this year History will indeed repeat itself, but you're reading from the wrong History Book.  The last two men who entered and won the Grand Rampage as the seventh entrant, went on to win their respective Triple Threat Matches and Titles; and I will be no exception to this.


But I'm getting ahead of myself; let us focus on THIS day.  Dia Del Diablo, the Day of the Devil; you're in my home amigo!  Where my ass rests on the throne of the damned, God has no jurisdiction in my realm and neither does his satire.  So without further ado, allow me to welcome you to Hell.

Reply Cameron Ella Ava
7:47 PM on May 23, 2014 

Dia Del Diablo

This match is no party. This match is no day at a park. There should be no one that plans to stroll into this match because it’s the nicer way do that. On the other hand, there should be no cowards coming into this fpv. I know for a fact that I am no coward at all. I’m looking at the match and I have very little clue about what I have wished for. This match is no joking matter; it is not something that you can take back. A branding match should be taken more seriously than what it’s worth. This mark will be permanent in your body, Jaywalker. Does that concern you a bit? It’s not like one of those tattoos that you use to place on your body as a young child. You know—the ones that you wash in the bathtub at night and it’s all gone. This mark is like one of the big boy tattoos that adults get—this will be a part of your body forever. There is no amount of soap that will get rid of that mark. Does that concern you? You being the one to be branded on a part of your body for the rest of your life?

I figured since I was the one that demanded that match that you were not going to show any remorse for me. It doesn’t matter to me. I know what I was going to get, when asking for the match. I know all about the pain and the suffering that I will have to endure tomorrow night. I know everything that I am putting on the line. I am putting my body on the line. It is different to see a scar, but having to be branded is a different story. There is no way that I am being branded by you. I refuse for you to have something over me. There is no way that I will wake up each morning and look at myself being branded as someone that couldn’t pull off a win against Jaywalker. I do not want those negative thoughts on my mind because the match between us has not begun yet. I don’t want the work of the devil impact my mind. Also, there is no way that you will get inside my head Jay. Hopefully, there are no intentions to do that because when something corrupts my mind, the results are never pretty. You can ask any Vixens that has crossed me and they’ll tell you that.

You can also asked the Extremists that I’ve been in the ring with; they all know never to turn their backs on me. Consider yourself unlucky, Jay. You’re getting to face me in a branding match. I am going to ask you this again: does that not concern you? You take your eyes off of me for a slight second and you can consider yourself branded. When I do find the moment to brand you, I plan to seize it. This is what I have done with every opportunity given to me. My own partner knows that about me! If my own freaking partner knows that I seize every opportunity given and not even you, I don’t know what to say to you. I suppose I will give you a live demonstration of that at Dia Del Diablo. I dare you to turn your back on me. You will not like the outcome of that. Don’t accuse me of bluffing because of that! You know me, I do not bluff with these things. Jay, if I were you, I would not accuse me of bluffing when I say do not turn your back on me. This will be known as the reason why you don’t become the Hall of Fame Champion.

I want to make you speechless by the end of this match. I want everyone in the arena to be in shock because you just made the biggest mistake. You let Cameron Ella Ava get the best of you. You let your championship slip away because you refuse to listen to the warnings that she gave you before the match even started. Are you listening now, Jay? I know that this match wouldn’t be even happening of it weren’t for me. To be quite honest, you wouldn’t be doing anything special if it weren’t for me. You ought to thank me for giving you something to do. For what I know, you would have been enjoying the parties in hell if it weren’t for me. There should be a part of you that should be shaking my hand and thinking me for making you feel a little more important than you were. At Dia Del Diablo, the obvious intentions are to brand one another. Thank you for putting that into the light—like it wasn’t already obvious. One mistake and this entire match is over. I refuse to be that one person in the match that makes the big mistake; however, it’s my goal to make you make that mistake. I will seize that opportunity to become the new Hall of Fame Champion and for you to be branded.


Reply Tyler Parker
7:42 PM on May 23, 2014 

Fight or fight.


That's how it's going to be, that's what it's going to be... at Dia Del Diablo. You're going to fight... or you're going to fight. That's all there is to it. All there is. At Dia Del Diablo, my opponents and I are going to compete in one of the single most dangerous matches ever devised in this company. See, for those that don't know, for those who have never experienced what it is like to be in a No Way Out match, let me give you a brief insight and I do mean brief because, truth be told, there's not a whole lot to say about this match other than you feel like your body is being put through a series of head-on car crashes. Just when you've recovered to stand from one, another hits you just as hard and just as fast as the other. You get hit time and time again. Then, just when you think that you can't take anymore... it all turns around. A No Way Out match isn't just an ordinary match, a No Way Out match is a battle of endurance; a match where if you can survive the pain and the suffering, if you can endure the steel of the cage being driven into your body or stand after a fifteen foot plunge to the ground below, if your make it through the agony that this match can inflict on your body and STILL find the strength to win yourself the match... you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you're more than deserving of challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship at Pain for Pride. I know that, DEDEDE knows that, Y2Impact knows that and hell, Kevin Devastation knows that. Between us, we know what it's like and what it takes. Jacob Senn thinks that because he was in the first No Way Out match that he has an advantage but this isn't like the first No Way Out match. There's fire and there's five World Champions that he has to face. Jacob Senn thinks he knows, he says he knows but he doesn't... he doesn't know what it's like to be a World Champion. Between us, we're going to be the next World Heavyweight Champion... one of us, that is.


Hate is a strong word. Hate is a word that seems to have lost all meaning in this world but if there's one thing that describes how I feel about Jacob Senn... I hate everything about him. I hate everything about you, Jacob. Hate... hate is a strong word but it sums up everything that I feel for you, Jacob. I've known you for a long time and there's one thing that I've found about you, the one thing that you have become to me is the itch that I can't scratch. You're a leech that can't live his own life without coming back to me just to make yourself feel better about your own life. Throughout your career, the one constant has been that time and time again, you have to find me and you have to put yourself up against me and it's pathetic. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try to put myself apart from you, Jacob, you come and find me and I don't understand why. What is it about me, Jacob? What is it about me that you need to constantly prove yourself against me? No matter what success you obtain, the championships that you earn and the men that you beaten in your career... why does this always come back to me? I mean, look at yourself, Jacob. Look at all that you've accomplished over the past year in EAW. You're a former Elite Champion, a former Unified Tag Team Champion and yet, you find yourself drawn back to me? Is your life so empty that you have to make yourself feel alive by reliving the "good old days," though they don't seem to be that good because you want to relive the fact that you're so full of self-loath, self-doubt and you have a hole in your life that can only be filled with chaos. You have an emptiness in you that can only be filled with conflict and the only man that can make your feel alive anymore... is me. Face the fact, Jacob, you NEED me. You're an addict and you're addicted to being in the ring with me and it's sad. That must eat at you, doesn't it, Jacob? It must set you off... me calling you an addict. The fact that you can't live without me... the fact that deep down, you know you need me in order to function. It's something that you just need to accept because that's how things always are. Deep down, you need me because no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you have the thought in the back of your mind that you're NEVER going to be better than me. Same can be said for Lethal Consequences. No matter the heights, you don't think you can be better than I am... there's something in the back of your mind that makes you think that you're NEVER going to be better than me, so you need to challenge me every time. You're nothing compared to me and this is going to be the last time that I prove it. I'm going to fight.

There are some places cutesy little folk like Cameron ought not be when the sun goes down, the arrival of my appearance is that time and it is that place. An angel swooping down to hell, a rodent stepping on the spring trap, what deviance from a bad result could come of it? The American Dream call this standing up for oneself with spectacular nerve to be admired, I call it the everyday moment in which people cross the line in the sand between bravery and utter stupidity, the moment when a man goes from thinking he can dodge a truck at the last second to when he decides he is superman and can stop the truck with his bare hands, the line between thrill for the extreme and thrill for injury and death! The American Dream subscribe to the most popular fairy tale known to man, they believe in God’s good will and cast aside common sense that echo in their minds to stop as “the work of the devil”, marching forward with the idea that no matter what wishes come true! In the end all that awaits Cameron is somber morrow. I do not bluff, and I do not play smoke and mirror games.

I’M NOT DARK DEMON! Not the man who made your career Cameron. I don’t vow to destroy my championship all week, then show up on the show saying it’ll happen in a few hours, only to take advantage of EAW’s populace having a short attention span by distracting them from the fact nothing was done to it by the end of the night by attacking an irrelevant extremist instead.

I’M NOT DEDEDE! I don’t begin an act of malice and end it midway just because my opponent quit, only for that same opponent to take advantage of my mercy in order to do what I threatened to do and throw me several feet down to the hell I intended for him.

I’M NOT ROBBIE! I don’t PRETEND to slit someone’s throat when that person’s partner actually had the balls to do it to me first.


I will be vilified for this, regardless of the equality you wish. To the masses whether fat or thin, burly or elegant, all women are meant to be seen, especially treated, as if they are beautiful and serene, not meant to be stained by the acts of man. Men are weak, ugly, evil or chauvinistic, if not all for some men, they are why war exists and why little children starve, everything is their fault. When you become branded it’ll take the wind out of the sails of every crowd member, the arena will go quiet and the commentary table will cry foul as if you weren’t the one who asked for the match, as if HBB wasn’t the coward who didn’t try to stop you and as if you didn’t want to be treated as an extremist! But you get what you want, from this moment forward to me you are not a vixen, you are an extremist.

Extremists do not have to explain their actions to one another. You didn’t NEED to do something wrong to me for me to have the right to target you. We exist in a world where your career can be ended if someone just doesn’t like the look of your face, we butcher and manipulate under the name of any purpose, for spotlight, for gold, for hatred and for justice both false and true. I am Hall of Fame Champion, you are a hall of famer, that combo makes you my possible challenger and me tormenting you is just one way to get a jump on my competition. The glass near your throat was the champion making one of his contenders know their place which is FAR behind him, the fact that you risk over stepping your bounds to take me on is a showcase that you Cameron have forfeited your wellbeing and safety for glamour and gold. A common mistake, which often ends in peril.

You ask me how the parties are down in hells like Dia Del Diablo? Double edged and fleeting. But they’re better than the infirmaries. I need not to tell you about the EMTs that come to you like gremlins or the hard hospital beds that poke at your back with lack of fulfillment.Soon you’ll be able to tell me about those.

Such pride; it’s as if you truly believe you have accomplished something.


Perhaps if this were a World that ran upon hypotheticals and delusional bragging, your words would bear a fragment of significance to me, but alas… This is not that World you so desperately wish for. My World is one ran on results to back up bold claims such as a man preaching of his superiority as you have. I stand here with burns and bruises all over my body, but you’ve made it abundantly clear that there is nothing to fear so long as you challenge your Mikado, believing the words you’ve spouted to be fact. I do not feel even an ounce of intimidation - the intimidation you so desire to continue thriving - because your greatest accolade and only one of note that you’ve wasted no time boasting holds no merit here. The mighty have since fallen and the only thing written next to your name is not “The man who killed EAW”, but merely “The man who came close to killing EAW”; I’ve never quite seen you as a thinking man, but can you spot the rather large difference between those two? What is it in this sport called football in which a man who has the ball, runs with it to score, but ends up dropping it for others to capture for themselves? Ah yes, it’s called a “fumble”. That one word - fumble - is the sum of your entire career. This one magnum opus that you cling to like a child to its mother became a farce the very moment your generosity kicked in and you allowed this company to once again breathe. All of this comfort you wrap yourself in of the past in defeating Dark Demon and killing this company means absolutely nothing and the only one to point a finger at for that is Scott Diamond. Perhaps you did, in fact, have an accomplishment no other could touch… But you don’t; not now. Now you have a faint memory to boost your confidence so that you can continue to live day to day as a failure like so many others. You had it all and you allowed it to slip through your fingers, Scott Diamond, and now you have the gall to stand before your Mikado with no weapon but your unimpressive strength and reverse psychology as you claim you no longer wish to be World Heavyweight Champion? My, my, my… What a twist on the story this is; it turns out that I don’t even need to lay a hand on you for your destruction to come, because you’ve done a good job of that all on your own.


Do you know the story of Icarus?


Of course you do; who doesn’t? You have with you but one gift that’s more than enough to coast throughout this company and this life. What you have, Scott Diamond, is that power you’ve demonstrated time and time again. It may not be a unique gift as many others could very well equal it, but you have gone out of your way to use your own in interesting ways. Scott Diamond, you have ruined everything credible to your name and stand before a King like a drunk that’s lost everything and just wants to be thrown a bone; this is your bone. I am giving you something each and every other man that has stood at the foot of my throne were given… I’m giving you a warning. Not a warning like the one you’ve given to me with the threat of hurting, injuring, or perhaps even killing me; I have no interest in breaking you physically. I have but one simple warning to address to you: Do not fly too close to the sun. Everything this World is and will ever be was forged by Mikado Sekaiichi’s hand. Everything you have done and everything you’ve ever known has done is because of me. I am not just the writer of history; I am the sole holder of its book. The alpha and the omega. A God among men. Look up in the sky and you will see me watching over you; I am the sun. I am everything you need to survive in my World and you - just like the rest - are nothing without my presence. You’ve crawled your way back into this company and dragged your body into my court as a feeble attempt of regaining the notoriety you once had, but do not push it past a point of no return. Do not overreach your boundaries as a mere inhabitant of my World, Scott Diamond, because I promise you that no power will be enough to save you from a fate worse than death. I will not give you what you desire; I will not make you famous nor infamous again, but I will give you my time; the time you have when the bell has rung and our match has begun. You can only do so much, but I urge you, Scott Diamond - With the only gift you’ve got, don’t fly too close to the sun.


Veni. Vidi. Vici.


Reply Demon
2:49 PM on May 23, 2014 

What did TRDD do for you again? Award himself a world title, hype up McQueen beyond hell? I’m sorry Hades, I realise you need to revise history because the truth wouldn’t suit your agenda but TRDD didn’t do a thing for you, TRDD didn’t give a damn about you. TRDD never said ‘’I think Hades should be World Champion!’’, where do you think you got bigger opportunities against your own brother in semi main events – the companies that I owned. Moongoose McQueen was never DCW Champion though, he never won a world title in any promotion that I owned. Why are you mixing up me and TRDD for?? Why can’t you even remember your own past?? You think it’s only a mere coincidence that when I joined Elite Wrestling Entertainment, you got treated as the man, you got your world titles and HEADLINED free-per-views?? You only think it’s a coincidence that your first match in EAW on Turbo is a contract for Voltage, who do you think pushed for that hard?? Sure as hell wasn’t MSF ( who couldn’t teach his own head out of his ass ), sure as hell wasn’t TRDD, sure as hell wasn’t POP. Just because you were too blind to actually see what was going on around you, doesn’t make it any less true, maybe I should have put my arm around your shoulder and told you all the things you wanted to hear, maybe I should have been more in your face but the one who was always pulling the strings in your favour, the one who was constantly pushing for you TO management was me …If I laughed in your face and told you were too inexperienced to a win a world title, IT’S BECAUSE YOU WEREN’T READY! THAT WAS THREE YEARS AGO AND YOU STILL AREN’T READY OTHERWISE YOU’D HAVE WON THE TITLE INSTEAD OF BLOWING TITLE SHOT AFTER TITLE SHOT LIKE THE DISAPPOINTING FAILURE THAT YOU ARE. YOU COULDN’T BEAT A ZACK CRASH WITH A BROKEN ARM FOR THE WORLD TITLE IN A FREAKING LADDER MATCH WHERE YOU HAD THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE ANY CHALLENGER HAS HAD IN HISTORY, HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO TAKE THIS TITLE AWAY FROM ME?? I don’t want to hear about Senn helping Crash, YOU SHOULD HAVE WON THAT MATCH MUCH EARLIER. If a pansy like Crash can beat you, I struggle to imagine how you could even BEGIN to think that you could defeat a serial killer like myself. I struggle to imagine how a CHOKE ARTIST like yourself could ever imagine to walk out champion against the greatest ever. It’s a cute fantasy but it’ll never happen, Pain for Pride won’t end with the Cinderella story of Hades The Hellraiser lifting the Answers World Championship, Pain for Pride will end with Dark Demon ONCE AGAIN retaining his championship and Hades ONCE AGAIN failing in his attempt to win a world title.

You think I or anybody in EAW gives a rats ass about how many world titles you’ve won in NOTHING promotions against NOTHING champions?? You think that means shit like I should start shaking in my boots against you?? Jaywalker, Y2Impact and HBB can all brag about how many LEGION world titles or CWF World titles that they won all they like and we all know it means nothing. You think Superior Quality 85 was suddenly looked at differently because he won forty world titles in no-name promotions? No, he wasn’t. It’s a cute attempt at trying to make yourself look better than you are but it’s not going to work. You’re the guy who might be capable of winning Gold Rush tournaments and winning Grand Rampages but at the end of the day, when you try and win the title THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS, you come up short. Every single time. History will always repeat itself Hades.