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Posted on April 20, 2008 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (661)

Please sign up in this form, and only sign up if you're willing to be active as in showing up to the Chatroom and Promoing.


Ring Name -

Weight -


Hometown -


Finisher(s )-


Sig. Moves -


Heel or Face -


Picture Base -

Entrance Music -

Brief description of your character's gimmick -


***Please do not post any links in your sign up or it won't post***


Choose an available Picture base. This is a popular e-fed, so don't be surprised that many of wrestling's top stars are already taken. Don't get discouraged though, there are many other great picture bases available to you. Even if you have to choose a picture base you don't want, don't worry. People change their picture bases all the time, so the one you want could become available.


Unavailable PicBases

Retired Picbases

Bobby Roode – Jaywalker

Chris Jericho – Y2Impact

C.M Punk – C.M Banks

Edge – Mr. DEDEDE

Jeff Hardy - Extreme Enigma

Kane – HRDO

Kurt Angle – Starr-Stan

Shawn Michaels – Heart Break Boy

Reserved Picbases

Brock Lesnar –(  Until After Pain for Pride )

Chris Hero

Daniel Bryan ( Must be approved by Robbie V/Mikado Sekaiichi )

Seth Rollins – ( Until After Pain for Pride )

Triple H – ( Until After Pain for Pride )

Available Picbases

 Adam Cole - Kegan Compton

AJ Styles – Prince of Phenomenal

Alberto Del Rio - Vic Vendetta

Alex Shelley – Eddie Ramone

Austin Aries - Devan Dubian

Batista - Terry Chambers

Bobby Roode – Jaywalker

Bo-Dallas – Moonlight Predator

Brian Pillman – KJ James

Christopher Daniels - Johnny Ventura

Chris Sabin - Jacob Senn

Christina Von Eerie - Tarah Nova

Cody Rhodes - Tyler Parker

Davey Richards - Ryan Savage

Dean Ambrose - Diamond Cage

Doink The Clown – Puff The Clown

Dolph Ziggler – Xavier Williams

Edge - Mr. DEDEDE

Eve - Cameron Ella Ava

Goldust - Nemesis

James Storm - Venom

Jeff Hardy - Extreme Enigma

John Cena – Cy Henderson

Jon Jones - Carlos Rosso

Kevin Nash - Kevin Devastation/Wraith

Kurt Angle – StarrStan

Lana - Anasiatha

Luke Harper - Norman Hellion

Matt Hardy - Zack Crash

Miz – Cole

Prince Devitt – Billy Kazier

R-Truth - Eddie Mack

Randy Orton - Nick Angel

Raven - Dark Demon

Rick Victor - Aren Mstislav

Rob Van Dam – Mikado Sekaiichi

Rock – The Nas

Roman Reigns - Lucian Black

Shawn Michaels - Heart Break Boy

Steve Corino - Christopher Corrupt

Sting – Freakshow

Torrie Wilson – Miss Vicious

Trish Stratus - Cleopatra

Tyler Black - Kawajai

Undertaker - Hades The Hellraiser

Wade Barrett - Juha

YAMATO - GI Styles


Remember to check the chatroom page to know if you have a match on a show, the match cards are posted under the chat box weekly.

Also, include your sign up info on your webs profile as well.